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Since 2000, Lake Titicaca has experienced continually receding water ranges. Between April and November 2009 alone, the water stage dropped by 81 cm , reaching the bottom stage since 1949. This drop is brought on by shortened rainy seasons and the melting of glaciers feeding the tributaries of the lake. Water air pollution can additionally be an increasing concern as a end result of cities within the Titicaca watershed grow, sometimes outpacing stable waste and sewage therapy infrastructure. [newline]According to the Global Nature Fund , Titicaca's biodiversity Is Lake Titicaca Peru worth visiting? - click the next webpage, threatened by water pollution and the introduction of new species by people. In 2012, the GNF nominated the lake "Threatened Lake of the Year". Our Lake Titicaca tours show you a lot more on this fascinating and beautiful area of Peru.
Anchored on the lake mattress, layers of reeds are added annually to exchange the lower layers that rot.

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